About us

Watch-itT is marketed exclusively by the Van Dillewijn Group, in partnership with Flowerwatch™.

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It all started more than 75 years ago, in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands' flower capital. Back then, old newspapers were used as packaging to protect plants and flowers against frost!

Since then, Van Dillewijn Group has evolved into an international company, with branches in a number of countries. The core business of Dillewijn Zwapak and its sister companies Dilpack Kenya and Dilpack South Africa is developing, producing and distributing packaging materials for flowers and plants. Basics & Trends and Pyramide2day are store formulas that allow small traders to purchase all manner of packaging essentials and decorative materials, both locally and online. Vaselife International is an innovative company that develops and produces high-quality foods that cover a flower's entire bloom and growth cycle.

To this day, Van Dillewijn Group's head office remains in Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands. All the Van Dillewijn companies are managed from here, to ensure that our customers, growers, exporters, wholesalers and retail chains right around the world receive a service that is second to none.

Watch-itT logoFresh flowers and potted plants are travelling around the globe, in order to find their way from farm to consumer.

FlowerWatch is an expert at designing new supply chains and optimising existing chains. Together with our customers we developed sea transport instead of air transport and increased vase life guarantees. We also create logistic efficiencies by increasing pack rate and minimising handling of flowers.

When supply chains run cold and smoothly we implement and operate monitoring systems, confirming that what is sold in the shops is truly “field fresh”.

Every day of the year the best flowers and plants travelling through the best supply chains, that is what FlowerWatch stands for.